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New Partnership With Vela Diagnostics 


Vela Diagnostics, a manufacturer of NGS and PCR workflows based in Germany, has partnered with Eurobio Scientific UK; in an agreement to distribute and represent its products in the UK and Ireland.

From 01 July 2023, Eurobio Scientific UK and other companies in the Eurobio Scientific Group in Germany, Benelux and France, have partnered with Vela Diagnostics to distribute its products throughout Europe and the United Kingdom.

In the UK and Ireland, Eurobio Scientific UK will support its existing customers, its equipment and workflow, also delivering 1st line support.

Vela Diagnostics have developed 13 NGS panels for oncology, microbiology and virology; with open channel, fully automated sample to result capabilities, they also have a qPCR workflow with 31 PCR tests for zoonotic diseases; bloodborne viruses, gastroenteritis, microbiology, Immunosuppression, Human Herpes and Polyomaviruses, Leukaemia, Respiratory Infections and STI’s; again with open channel and fully automated sample to result capabilities, The Sentosa workflow is a proprietary system with qPCR, NGS and Reporting functions. Their catalogue of instrumentation and workflows includes:

  • Sample loading, Extraction and PCR set up (Sentosa SX101)
  • Offboard RT-PCR (Veriti)
  • Library Preparation (also on the SX101)
  • Emulsion and Enrichment PCR (ST401e)
  • Sequencing (SQ301)
  • Data analysis (SQ Reporter) – QC, pathology results and Interpretation

With key customers already here in the UK, they have designed the workflow to wrap around current Illumina sequencers as well.

For more details, please contact Jennifer Juwah- National Business Manager for Molecular Biology (

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